About Nero Persia Company

Nero Persia is a famous brand in the industry of natural stone, which is established 7 years
ago. Throughout this period, the team behind our company have worked persistently to
satisfy its valuable costumers. We started our work as a quarry owner, excavating Nero
Persia Black Marble, in Iran. Our team have exported this marble to several countries
including Turkey, Egypt, India, UAE, Italy, China, etc. and also have acquired the ability
to stable supply premium stone blocks of other quarries throughout Iran. At the moment,
our products include the highest quality marble, onyx, limestone, travertine, granite,
traonyx, etc. Nero Persia has gathered a professional team of experts to choose and buy
the best blocks from all Iranian quarries. We have selected the best cutting and processing
machineries to produce slabs, tiles, etc., including Barsanti, Italy. Our policy is to have a
dependable stock of all Iranian high quality products to be able to fulfil our costumers’